Genomic tRNA Database (GtRNAdb): tRNAscan-SE analysis of complete and draft genomes

Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) represent the single largest, best-understood class of non-protein coding RNA genes found in all living organisms. By far, the major source of new tRNAs is computational identification of genes within newly sequenced genomes. To catalog the increasing number of predicted tRNA genes found in complete genomes, we developed the Genomic tRNA Database (GtRNAdb) as a repository for identifications made by tRNAscan-SE. The web resource provides overview statistics of tRNA genes within each analyzed genome, including information by isotype and genetic locus, easily downloadable primary sequences, graphical secondary structures and multiple sequence alignments. Direct links for each gene to UCSC eukaryotic and microbial genome browsers provide graphical display of tRNA genes in the context of all other local genetic information. In addition, the GtRNAdb search module allowed search by characteristics, and a custom BLAST server enabled study of tRNA gene similarity across all sequences in the GtRNAdb.

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